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Granules RecyStrong

Granules RecyStrong


LD-PE and HD-PE from separate collection, black – transparent – base for mixed colours, for low film thicknesses, RECYSTRONG specifically for bubble extrusion,
suitable for the production of garbage bags with low thicknesses up to 10 microns

LD-PE for agricultural film, black – amber – white, with RECYGRIN granules
The granules are produced by PLASTIPOL, CERTFIED PSV and CARBON FOOT PRINT
The PLASTIPOL RECYSTRONG finished product is used for:

  • transparent bags for separate waste collection
  • ecological bags for the collection of dog excreta
  • high performance bags for the collection of hospital waste
  • bags for brushwood

The bags are made with 100% recycled and recyclable material in all thicknesses, colours.

Download document:

Granules RacyStrong LD-PE and HD-PE from separate collection and agricultural film produced by PLASTIPOL