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Wardrobe sacs

Wardrobe sacs

There are 6 machines for the automatic production of rolls of bags for packaging clothes and household linen, using a blend of 100% virgin granules.

TYPE: bags for dresses, coats, sweaters, blankets with or without slider
THICKNESS: min 20 my – max 50 my
PRINTING: according to customer requirements
MATERIAL: 100% virgin
FILM COLOUR: transparent – transparent blue – transparent green
PACK BOX: custom – folded or roll
CARTON BOX: brown or custom


  • Covers for dresses and coats
  • Vacuum covers for duvets
  • Large covers for use when covering large items (e.g. bicycles)
  • Bags for household linen
  • Perfumed bags
  • Generic covers with slider

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Wardrobe sacs Plastipoliver materie plastiche